A brand of Protropic, specialized in pasta, rice and puree substitute
Made of Hearts of palm

Agroindustrial Group

We are a group of people that work in agroindustrial activities, focusing in thegrowth, harvesting, processing and exportation of hearts of palm. We carefully select and collect our own hearts of palm seeds respecting the highest standards of sustainable management and following strict processes that guarantee the prevention of environmental damage.

Our Processing Plant

Our processing plant is located next to our hearts of palm plantations, with this we guarantee the quality and freshness of our final products since our raw material does not need to be transported for long distances from its origin site to the place where it will be processed and packed.

International Certifications

We count with the next international certifications that assure the quality within our processes and final products: IFS 6 Version “higher rate” and HACCP, both documents issued by Ecocert. We also have obtained the Koshers and BASC certificates (security certificate) Award Pyme 2014.

PROTROPIC Ltd. Co. (Tropical Products) – HISTORY

Our History, Strengths and Social Mission

Protropic Ltd. Co. was born as a family business in 1997, with the construction of a processing plant in the heart of the tropical forest, Pichincha province in Ecuador. Initially we started with 12 workers, a process line, a manual sealing machine that worked by pedal and had the capacity of handling 30 cans per minute and with an equivalent total production of a 20 feet container per week. The greatest strength of this enterprise relies in the quality of the products it processes; we count with several international certifications that allow it to compete within the world market.

Near 80% of the raw material we use comes from local partner and associated farms, which makes it possible to manage in a firsthand basis each stage of the production, from the soil and seed selection in the trees´nursery to the harvesting and processing of the final product, fulfilling each phase with the necessary quality, continuity and quantity in order to satisfy our costumers requirements. From all the elements from our project, the most important factor are the employees; for whom we also strictly observe all the labor laws and regulations that ensure their wellness.

We apply gender inclusion policies and employ men and women with disabilities, we do not admit employment discrimination of any kind and we totally prohibit child labor. We count with interesting services that evidence our concern regarding social responsibility within our enterprise, for example: an employees saving and credit account, a local school (inside one of the farms) for all the children of the employees and of the nearby communities and a permanent medical assistance service, among others. We contribute to the social and economic development of our community by offering 100 direct and 250 indirect employment sources and job opportunities. We are the only enterprise that offers jobs for women in the zone, so we are actively envolved in improving the life quality of the nearby populations. We support the conservation of the local environment by carrying out all of our productive activities applying policies of responsible environmental management, industrial security and occupational health. We keep more than 200 hectares of protected forest as part of the “Socio Bosque”(Partner Forest) program managed by the National Ministry of the Environment.
We manage with responsibility the waste water from our processing plant, which go through a vetiver yard to be purified before it returns to the underground water. We recycle materials by using organic waste products from a neighbor processing plant as fuels ,to generate water vapor for our own plant. And the hearts of palm´s stem bark after being chopped is used to prepare organic fertilizers that are returned to the farms to improve the soil’s quality and to maintain the characteristics of our products.

We donate part of the organic wastes to the local communities’ inhabitants to be used in the development of farming, poultry farming, cattle raising and for the preparation of organic fertilizers program that is guided by the Pichincha prefecture. Nowadays Protropic Ltd. Co. exports to more than 10 countries and is recognized by its high quality palmetto and the professionalism it works with in each of its processes.

Protropic farms location

Puerto Quito Ecuador

Las fincas de Protropic en Puerto Quito

International Certifications



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Protropic customers around the world

Protropic costumers around the world

International Certifications

COR 559

International Certification IFS Version 7


HACCP International Certification


KOSHERS International Certification


BASC International Certification


Develop and market quality products to meet the demands of the market, using all our resources in a sustainable and efficient way.

To be a company recognized globally for its quality and professionalism, as well as for its interest in developing the quality of life of its community and caring for the environment.

PROTROPIC Cía. Ltda. (PRODUCTOS TROPICALES), an agribusiness company dedicated to the Development, Conservation and Sale of Canned Fruits and Palmitos; Committed to Quality, Safety and Health at Work, Integral Safety, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Optimization of the use of Resources, Ethics and Legality, determines the following:

The company will commit the necessary funds to implement and maintain new technologies, current legal technical regulations, customer standards, standards from the different countries where its products arrive and regulations adopted from other entities.

Its action plan is to prevent accidents and diseases, harm due to the safety or quality of the products; loss of resources, crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, bribery, fraud, industrial theft, lawsuits, sabotage and more illicit; paralyzes and hostility; avoid environmental remediations and emergency situations and crises.

The commitment is to identify, quantify, reduce or eliminate risks, continually achieve and improve safe and healthy working conditions, satisfy the client by offering products with added value, healthy and clean quality, constantly improve integral safety, ensure that activities Be sustainable and sustainable.

The beneficiaries and main participants are their workers, shareholders, suppliers, contractors, customers, community, state and other related parties.

The purpose is to favor the maintenance, continuity, taxation, human and community development, protection of the environment and the usefulness of the business and general satisfaction.